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University of Massachusetts Amherst


Amherst & Newton, MA

Building Envelope Restorations & Structure Studies

  • Designed roof and window replacements at 3 historic residence halls

  • Made accessibility modifications to one hall

  • Performed structural assessment of pedestrian footbridge at Mt. Ida campus

  • Examined existing conditions of a maintenance facility at Mt. Ida campus

  • On-Call/House Doctor projects

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Under an ongoing On-Call/House Doctor contract, Habeeb & Associates Architects has been assigned several projects, one at the Amherst campus, and two at the Mt. Ida campus. In Amherst, H&A designed several building envelope replacements and repairs for 3 residence halls, 2 of which are historic structures. The roof project involves both low slope and slate shingle replacements along with multiple masonry repairs, and 2 chimney rebuilds. We also designed window replacements at 2 halls with associated cornice/dentil restorations. One hall requires an expanded entry to adhere to accessibility codes and includes a new ramp. These projects are expected to enter construction in 2021.

After acquiring the former Mt. Ida College campus in 2018, UMASS recognized the need for Existing Conditions Assessments of several structures. The first H&A conducted was an investigation of a pedestrian footbridge. We examined the structure's decking, support framing and rails, and reviewed accessibility. Our thorough report provided remediation recommendations. The second study focused on the structural integrity of the maintenance garage. H&A documented the existing conditions and concluded the building was safe to occupy.

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