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Communication & Collaboration

Schools designed by Habeeb & Associates Architects embrace the 21st century learning ideal that students gain knowledge through communication and collaboration. Each school design H&A creates includes a variety of spaces that support group learning yet also allows for the individual learner-driven settings that may be needed. Opportunities for technology access are everywhere, embodied within a universally inclusive environment that is safe and secure. 


First and foremost, the needs of both learning and teaching must be balanced to ensure that students and teachers achieve the most effective experience possible from the classroom space. Innovations in education require us to reinvent not only what we teach, but also where we teach. Flexible learning environments enable teachers to create unique environments that emphasize student choice. Designing schools of the future requires us to provide maximum flexibility while uniting five design principles—technology integration, safety and security, transparency, multipurpose space, and outdoor learning.
- Jack Shea, H&A's Certified Educational Planner


Creative Spaces

As styles of teaching evolve, classrooms must be able to adapt. Schools being designed today are expected to be operated for the next 40+ years, so the flexibility and creativity of educational spaces is critical. H&A's method ensures classrooms and other spaces are multi-purpose and can be easily reconfigured as the needs of the school change over time. 


Critical Thinking

Using design elements to promote critical thinking in the classroom is a hallmark of H&A design. Exposed structural elements become teaching opportunities for educators and encourage students to think critically about the constructed environment around them. The materials and products specified can also be teaching and learning tools, as can the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. In fact, we even encourage student participation when conducting our Master Planning process which challenges students to understand which elements of the school environment  matter most to their learning.

Critical Thinking
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