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Historic Restorations

At Habeeb & Associates Architects, we understand the importance and methods of restoring historic buildings to their former beauty. We have designed renovations on several buildings which appear on the National Register of Historic Places and even more that are included in the Massachusetts Historical Commission database.


Modernization & Renovations

In today’s ever-changing world, it is important to focus on the improvements and modifications that need to take place within a building. Codes are progressing and building materials are evolving as technological advances occur. At H&A, we work with our clients to bring their existing buildings up to code and renovate with technological advances.


Building Envelope

The main Building Envelope components that most often require replacement or repair are the Roof, Windows, and Doors. Each of these systems plays a key role in the energy efficiency of buildings and helps prevent an unhealthy indoor environment. Using sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial System)/Drone technology, H&A can provide thermal imaging and examine hard-to-reach areas in a quick, cost-efficient manner.

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Roof Replacements & Repairs

Roof Replacements & Repairs

Our approach is to select insulation systems and thicknesses that provide the increased thermal resistance stipulated in the codes. These typically consist of multiple insulation layers. We also take into account LEED criteria such as roof system reflectivity so that the heat island effect is reduced to the greatest extent possible. We can design the addition of photovoltaic panels onto your roof, or carefully work with the panels you may already have. Sustainability and energy savings for systems are also dependent on the thermal resistance of the insulation being maintained over the life of the system. For this to occur the roof system must be correctly detailed and properly installed to prevent moisture infiltration and premature system failure.

1318.01 Photo 12-19-14 Construction (11)

Window & Door Replacements

Window & Door Replacements

Using thermal break frame systems, double-pane insulated glazing, and in some cases multiple frame systems like skylights, we consistently meet or exceed the criteria of the Stretch Energy Code. We also evaluate the potential to reduce the extent of fenestration in ways that increase the daylighting in a room while simultaneously reducing the glare factor and heat loss. Coupling window replacement with light control systems further enhances energy savings and sustainability of buildings.

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Building Envelope

On-Call / House Doctor

A service contract of this type provides an on-call expert to ask questions of at any time, and allows multiple projects to be accomplished through just a one-time designer selection process. By reducing the need for multiple ads and interviews, an On-Call or House Doctor contract can save valuable time, and is indispensable when it comes to emergency repairs.


H&A has performed work under these types of contracts since 2002 and has been called upon to educate government, school, and municipal officials throughout the country at meetings and conferences on the benefits of utilizing a House Doctor contract. 

The Benefits of a House Doctor Contract:

  • Saves time and money with the elimination of multiple ads, interviewing and a designer selection process for every project

  • Provides an on-call expert to answer questions at any time either for current projects or in general

  • 'On-staff' architect in the event of emergency repairs

  • Allows one, two, or multiple projects to occur under the same contract

  • Logical, phased, and prioritized plan for engaging projects

  • Ability to create small and medium size projects more quickly

  • Offers flexibility. Client can choose to hire an alternate architect at any time, for any project

  • Promotes effective use of the client's resources

House Doctor
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