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Your desired design is an achievable goal, not an Impossible dream.

-Steven Habeeb,

H&A President

Architecture that Excites

At Habeeb & Associates Architects, we love what we do. There is nothing quite like meeting with a client who has a great idea, and working together to see the result exceed their expectations.


Architecture that is Client-Focused

In guiding and engaging you in each stage of the design process, we bring your vision to life while striving to exceed your expectations.

Client Focused

You provide the            and we provide the 



Architecture with a Presence

We examine the principal purpose of the space, the dynamics and desires of the people it serves, and the distinctive qualities that the client hopes to convey. By taking the time to understand the demands of the space, we can create a meaningful design.

Gibson Middle School - Low Res - Sarah F

Architecture with an Impact

H&A believes every structure can have a positive environmental impact if designed carefully. Whether constructing a new building, or assessing existing structures, H&A selects systems and materials to meet or exceed Stretch Energy Codes. We also factor in the U.S. Green Building Councils' LEED criteria whenever possible. Our commitment to designing efficient and sustainable buildings that cost less to maintain gives our clients peace of mind.

In this case, we eliminated a parking lot to create a field for Rising Tide Public Charter School in Plymouth, MA.

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