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Cape Cod Community College


Barnstable, MA

Building Envelope & Exterior Revitalizations

  • Existing Conditions Assessments of two halls

  • Building envelope restoration at Lorusso Hall

  • Designed building column and sidewalk settlement repairs at Wilkens Hall

  • On-Call/House Doctor projects

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Under an ongoing On-Call/House Doctor contract, Habeeb & Associates Architects has designed multiple building envelope restorations and structural repairs for CCCC. The college's applied technology building, Lorusso Hall, had several failing exterior walls and several leaking roof sections. H&A detailed the redesign and replacement of the exterior stair and side walls, repair of granite tile walls, and partial replacement of the roof, which included removal and reinstallation of solar panels.

At Wilkens Hall, H&A performed a structural investigation of settled sidewalks and failing building columns. Following our recommendations for repair, the college has tasked H&A with providing construction documents, bidding, and construction administration.

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