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Scituate, MA

Elementary Schools Master Plan

  • Master plan to address inequalities in enrollment and capacity of the elementary schools.

  • Educational Space Adequacy Assessment

  • Educational Program Analysis

  • Enrollment Projections

  • Facilities Condition Assessment

Habeeb & Associates Architects conducted a Master Plan for Scituate Public Schools to assess the educational program and physical condition of the district’s elementary schools. The study identified short-term and long-term capital improvements with associated costs necessary to maintain and upgrade the facilities.

Six options were presented to aid in determining whether to renovate, consolidate, and/or build a new school. The options heavily considered the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) guidelines in conjunction with Scituate’s educational programming needs.

H&A examined Scituate’s Educational Program for the following:

  • Recommended operating capacity for each school

  • Considerations for parity of programs across schools

  • Provisions for technology advancements

  • Elements to provide flexible learning environments in support of innovative and authentic learning

The Physical Conditions Assessment addressed:

  • Square foot totals and cost estimates for all upgrades and new construction

  • Opportunities to address energy efficiency

  • State, local and federal code and regulation requirements

  • Environmental and health concerns

Scituate Public Schools

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