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Hingham, MA

Master Plan, Addition, Interior Revitalization

  • Conducted a Master Plan

  • Designed a 3-story addition with

        5 science labs, classrooms and greenhouse


  • Performed a 65,000 sq. ft. roof replacement

  • Designed numerous accessibility improvements


  • Replaced existing boilers with a new system

Habeeb & Associates Architects was entrusted to determine the feasibility of coverting the c. 1960's convent into additional classroom space for the school. Following a comprehensive Capital Asset Assessment of the convent, educational buildings, and grounds, H&A developed a Master Plan for phased construction. It detailed both the physical and educational needs of the school in order to align its mission and vision for the future. Given the inappropriate column spacing, floor-to-floor dimensions and misaligned floor elevations, it was determined that the convent structure would not accommodate conversion to classrooms. Phase 1 of the project, which is complete, involved demolishing the vacant convent to make way for a 3-story 35,000 sq. ft. addition designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing structure. The first floor houses new faculty and administration offices, the second has 5 new modern science labs, several prep stations, conference rooms, a greenhouse, and ample storage facilities. Phase 2 of the Master Plan calls for the construction of a new athletic complex while Phase 3 will convert the old gymnasium into a library.

Notre Dame Academy

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