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Fitchburg, MA

Building Envelope Restorations

  • Survey of interior roof leak damage

  • Converted 35,360 sq. ft. of slate roof to asphalt shingle

  • Restored the historic cupola

  • Performed masonry, gutter, and canopy repairs

  • A historic structure built in 1937

Fitchburg Public Schools hired Habeeb & Associates Architects to replace the 25,360 sq. ft. roof on historic Longsjo Middle School which had active water infiltration issues. Using our sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial System) or drone, we surveyed the entire roof and examined the hard-to-access cupola. H&A used the information to develop recommendations which were accepted. Our design resulted in the removal of the existing slate roof, replacing it with asphalt shingles. We performed historic restorations to the cupola, which included a copper sculpture and weathervane, replaced all the gutters, and performed masonry repairs. We also provided a brief survey of the interior water infiltration damage.

The site was challenging, being in a steep-sloped urban environment. The height of the building, combined with the slope, necessitated a complex scaffolding system that had to remain within the confines of the sidewalk to prevent traffic disruption, and allow public access and safe egress.

Longsjo Middle School

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