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Agawam, MA

Master Plan

  • Conducted Feasibility Study to determine solutions for overcrowding at the ECC and 4 elementary schools

  • Offered multiple solutions and performed several site evaluations

Habeeb & Associates Architects conducted a Feasibility Study to address the overcrowding and learning environment deficiencies at the aging 8,000 sq. ft. Early Childhood Center (ECC) and at Agawam’s 4 elementary schools. After a comprehensive examination of the space needs and current capacity, H&A developed multiple options to rectify the insufficiencies.

The Town's final selected solution - a new Pre-K and Kindergarten Early Childhood Center will provide appropriate and inspiring learning spaces for students and teachers. Removing Kindergarten from the four elementary schools will solve overcrowding issues while a new, larger ECC can accommodate the growing preschool student population. The new center will include many educational benefits, a few of which are large classrooms for activities and programs, improved food service options, community benefits, conference meeting areas, and extended school-year potential. The design included spaces adaptable to the needs of children with a range of disabilities of varying levels of severity, along with appropriate spaces to deliver support services and therapies.

H&A conducted 4 evaluations of potential sites for the new center.

Agawam Early Childhood Center

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