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Hingham, MA

Building Envelope & Accessibility Upgrades

  • Designed multi-level, multi-system roof replacement

  • Made various accessibility upgrades

  • On-Call/House Doctor project

The Hingham District Courthouse is a historic 1930's building with multiple roof levels and a large 1970's addition. The project began as a study for the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) to investigate replacement of the existing roofing systems and the compliance with Massachusetts Architectural Access Board Rules and Regulations. 

Upon approval, H&A designed roof replacements for the 1930's section of the building with new historically appropriate shingle roofing system. The remaining low slope roofs received single ply fully adhered PVC roofing with tapered insulation. The project included abatement of hazardous roofing materials. 

Additional work for the site approach and entrance, as well as interior renovations to comply with accessibility requirements, were also a part of this project.

Hingham District Court

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