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Springfield, MA

Modernization & Accessibility Upgrades

  • Modernized 5 elevators

  • Investigated water infiltration

  • Performed fire protection upgrades

  • Modified jury box & witness stand

  • Designed electrical system upgrades

  • On-Call/House Doctor project

Under multiple Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) House Doctor contracts, Habeeb & Associates Architects provided studies, design, and construction administration services. The first project studied the feasibility of modernizing 5 separate elevators for detainees, judges, and the public along with associated electrical work. H&A's recommendations were accepted and the project was enlarged to also include the design of separate male and female accessible detention cells in the lockdown area. Work included enlarging the secure cell doors to permit passage of wheelchairs. Other accessibility-related renovations included modifications to the courtrooms, service counters, and toilet rooms.

Another project involved several electrical system components. H&A installed new fire alarm devices and audio/visual alarms, replaced the existing emergency generator, interior panels, motor centers and switchboards, and added new interior fire-rate enclosures.

H&A was also tasked with a study which investigated water infiltration in several locations of the Hall of Justice and the adjacent Springfield Juvenile Court. Our study identified the source of the leaks, recommendations for repair, and a cost estimate.

Hampden County Hall of Justice

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